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What is School Assemblies?

Youth Alive® provides non-religious strategies to build better students, including thru school assemblies. School assemblies motivate students and educators to give their best efforts in academics and life. Without hope, young people have no power to live in the present. Youth Alive® offers a great school assembly resource called The Seven Project.

The Seven Project began with a simple passion: to be a positive influence and resource during the student's SEVEN most impressionable years (6th-12th Grade). The school administrators select the topics presented to the students. With a unique blend of experienced presenters and professionally produced video segments, The Seven Project school assembly has captured the attention of students and built teams that cover much of the US.

The Seven Project separately partners with local churches to provide a high-energy evening event designed to attract unchurched students. Any of our evening events we may do are coordinated separately from our public school assemblies. Where the school assembly does not have any religious content, our evening events do and present the Gospel in a clear, relevant manner. The Seven Project also provides resources to involve multiple churches from different denominational backgrounds to come together for weeks before, during and after we come to your community.

Discover and find the nearest Seven Project team, as well as if there are additional programs for school assemblies, educator in-service trainings and conferences for your schools. Some of our additional programs may also feature community evening events that focus on families, parenting, etc.

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