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Prayer Needs

You can join Prayer Zone Partners nationwide in praying for the following things as it relates to various ministries taking place in schools across the country. You are encouraged to share these needs with other Christians in your community to encourage them to pray as well.

Prayer Needs from the National Youth Alive Office

  1. Pray for the 7,000+ new Campus Missionaries that have committed to touch their respective campuses. Ask God to give them boldness, courage, creativity and to enable them to live a consistent Christian at school.
  2. Students have been equipped with a FIRE BIBLE and have received copies of the Book of Hope to give to their unsaved friends. Pray that God will provide opportunities for Campus Missionaries to share about Him.

Sumbit a Prayer Need

About Submitting

If you know of a specific prayer need as it relates to ministry at schools in your community, you can post those needs on the Prayer Needs Facebook comments box and they will be shared with other Prayer Zone Partners around the nation.

If there are specific situations at the schools in your community or ministry events that are taking place, you can post those prayer needs in the space below. Please do not send prayer requests that are related to someone needing physical healing, etc. Those needs can be submitted to the National Prayer Center by calling 1-800-4-PRAYER.

Please feel free to post prayer requests for special ministry events related to the school, Book of Hope distribution, suicide or tragic death of a student, etc. All prayer requests submitted will be reviewed and edited before being posted on the Prayer Calendar. Also, if individuals are named, only first names will be used on the Web site.

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