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PZP's and Your Church

Make Prayer Zone Partners® a vital ministry of your church by following this plan:
  1. Schedule a Sunday service in which to promote the ministry of prayer through Prayer Zone Partners®.
  2. Order enough brochures and static stickers for everyone in the congregation.
  3. Do a Sunday morning presentation of Prayer Zone Partners® to the church. Sermon ideas and bulletin inserts are available for free download.
  4. Distribute a brochure to everyone in the congregation either in the church bulletin or through student ushers.
  5. Give a brief presentation on the ministry of Prayer Zone Partners®, including the use of the static sticker, and ask people to personally sign up as a PZP.
  6. Use student ushers to collect the sign-ups as the people leave the service.
  7. Provide a static sticker to everyone who returns a completed PZP form.
  8. Copy the data for your records and forward the data or forms to the national Youth Alive® office.
  9. Begin a regular communication to all the PZPs in your church. Keep them informed of the answered prayers and great victories in your campus ministry.


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