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Youth Alive® Missionary Intern

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Nationally Appointed Youth Alive® Missionary Interns

Select Youth Alive® Missionaries can work with your school or organization to meet the qualifications of an internship and give you valuable experience as you enter your career. Ready to explore an adventure in service as a missionary intern? Connect with Youth Alive®!

Additional Internship possibilities:

Academic US Missions Internships

US Missions has created academic internships thru North Point Bible College (Haverhill, MA), Trinity Bible College (Ellendale, ND) and North Central University (Minneapolis, MN). If you are a current student at these institutions and interested in more information, email today for more information.


It is even possible to spend 1-2 college years on location with select Youth Alive® Missionaries in the mission field while continuing online classes or college cohorts. Visit engagemylife.org to explore the online option or contact for more information.

Ready to explore as a Youth Alive® Missionary Associate? ya@ag.org

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