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Something Amazing

Something Amazing, a ministry partnership of Youth Alive® and Dare2Share, is about a movement of student initiated gospel conversations. What do you say, when asked, "Who is Jesus?" or "What did Jesus do that is so important?" Something Amazing is designed to assist students in sharing Jesus in their everyday conversations to explain the Gospel.

Go to the full Something Amazing website: www.somethingamazing.net to watch/share the video and invite others to connect with God, explore some questions about God and the opportunity to trust Christ with video helps to walk in their new life in following God.

Share the GOSPEL truth of who Jesus is and what Jesus did for us.

God created us to be with Him.

Our sins separate us from God.

Sins cannot be removed by good deeds.

Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again.

Everyone who trusts in Him alone has eternal life.

Life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever.


You can find a more comprehensive explanation of these six truths here.


How to use Something Amazing


Somethingamazing.net Evangelistic website.
Show the Something Amazing video to your friends, in youth services, Share the video with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Viewers are invited to connect with God, explore some questions about God and are given an opportunity to trust Christ. Check out somethingamazing.net

How to Share Your Faith With... Ever wonder how to share your faith with someone from a totally different worldview/different beliefs? Learn to share your Faith with... here.

Still Exploring... Answering Tough Questions. Answers to the "Still Exploring?" section of the Something Amazing website is provided by Josh McDowell. For over 40 years Josh has helped students, pastors, churches and families to what they believe, why it is true and how to live out their Christian faith. Josh has spoken to over 10 million and young people and written or co-authored 120 books. Check out even more tough questions and answers that you may encounter here.


Youth Leader Resources to Support the Something Amazing Movement

Small Group Curriculum. Salt...Creating Thirst helps teens overcome the barrier of starting gospel conversations through engaging, thought-provoking videos that touch on universal issues and concerns. Additionally, this curriculum prepares and empowers them to step into authentic, give-and-take spiritual conversations enabling them to be salt with their friends. For more information or to order go to My Healthy Church.

Inbed Something Amazing on your Youth Ministry/Church website:
HTML code can be found in the share links at the end of the Something Amazing video.

Moving Forward - New believers first seven days. In partnership with Ignition Seven, seven videos will walk with your students and their friends thru seven days, possibly their first seven days, of following God and beyond. Utilize this resource not only for Something Amazing, but, for any initial youth follow-up. Check it out here: http://somethingamazing.net/moving-forward/


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