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A Campus Missionary is a student who shares Jesus – at school or wherever they go. If you know Jesus and are willing to make Him known: you are a Campus Missionary!

Getting Started A Campus Missionary:

Why stop here, additional ideas on our Resources page

Share Your Story

The Campus Missionary dream of seeing your friends come to Christ is thrilling, challenging and at times, seem so big it may feel impossible. Click the Check-In Now link below and tell your story, share prayer needs, and be encouraged to keep pressing on. Or share your story on any social media page and use the hashtag #youthalive

You are not alone in the movement to share Christ relationally and relentlessly!


Campus Missionary Check-In FAQ

  1. What is a CM Coach?
    Your CM "Coach" is your personal mentor or encourager. Who could that coach be? You CM coach could be youth pastor/leader, small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, Parents, Christian friends from church (just to name a few!). If you don't have a local CM coach yet, Youth Alive® has state/district leaders, missionaries and coordinators who will be your coach, too, and are added automatically! Be assured you are not alone!
  2. How can a youth pastor receive a copy of a CM (Campus Missionary) Check-In?
    CM's should add the name and email address of anyone they want to receive a copy of their Check-In to their coach list in their CM Account Profile.
  3. When will my evangelism resources arrive?
    Evangelism resources are being mailed as funding allows for students who sign up for additional coaching/training. The resources will be sent to your profile address. This offer is only available to US addresses due to shipping costs. Any questions can be emailed to info@campusmissionary.com.
  4. How can I purchase the FIRE Bible Student Edition?
    Go to www.campusmissionary.com
  5. Are there other Resources to help me as a Campus Missionary?
    YES! Some resources are available for free and others cost.

Something Amazing is a free website designed to assist students in sharing Jesus in their everyday conversations
Downloadable Resources for Campus Missionaries.
Firestarters, Bible Studies you can download for individual and family or small group devotions or study.

Not Free:
Salt...Creating Thirst helps teens overcome the barrier of starting gospel conversations through engaging, thought-provoking videos that touch on universal issues and concerns. Additionally, this curriculum prepares and empowers them to step into authentic, give-and-take spiritual conversations enabling them to be salt with their friends. For more information or to order go to My Healthy Church.


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