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Coach a Campus Missionary
Coaches are vital to the success of CMs. The campus missionary coach is a personal encourager, mentor, and trainer for campus missionaries. The coach may serve more than one student at a time.

The goal of the coach is to:

  1. Make a one-year commitment to the student.
  2. Encourage the student.
  3. Guide the student in the process of becoming a follower of Jesus.

Practical ways you can coach:

  1. PRAY daily for each campus missionary.
  2. ENCOURAGE each student missionary in words and actions.
  3. MENTOR each student by regularly communicating encouraging messages to help the missionary fulfill her/his commitments.
  4. PROVIDE the accountability each student needs to grow as a campus missionary. Help them check-in regularly and/or update their progress or update their experience on any social media site using the hashtag #youthalive

The CM that you coach will go online and share their progress by checking in online. They are responsible for designating you as their coach and keeping you informed of their progress. Every time the CM checks in, you will receive an email copy.

We have a number of videos to help coach and encourage your students on our Youth Alive® channel on Youtube.

The coach provides the personal sideline support to make a missionary more successful. For more information on becoming a campus missionary coach, and for tools to help your Campus Missionary, go to the Leader Resources section on our Resources page.

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