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Plan Club Meetings


Each club needs good organization, planning, and programming. However, not all clubs look alike. You can adapt your club to fit your school setting. You can hold a meeting once a month or once a week. Your club can focus on prayer, Bible study, outreach and service projects, discipleship, or a mixture of all four. The choice is up to you.


Leading your club is a big responsibility, so Youth Alive® wants to make your prep time easier. Meeting guides are designed to help reach students at your school by giving an outline for club meetings as well as ideas for campus ministry. They are formatted for the YA club, however any club can use them.
YA Club meeting guides concentrate on a specific topic for four weeks and each week has a different focus:

  1. Week 1 - Small Groups
  2. Week 2 - Guest Speakers
  3. Week 3 - Student Speakers
  4. Week 4 - Outreach

There are also meeting guides that you can use if your club doesn't meet every week. They focus on a different topic for every meeting.
For an extensive selection of meeting guides, printable invitations, posters, and club ideas here or create your own!

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