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  • April 2015 - Appreciation Matters

    Many of us have taken our teachers for granted.  Have we thanked them?  Appreciation Matters, learn more on the importance of encouraging your teachers.  Click on the Title above to read more.

  • True Justice Has A Voice - March 2015

    True Justice has a voice, when students lift their voice  and begin to make Jesus known.  Take an exiciting 30 day challenge to make Jesus know at your school and around the world.  Read more by clicking the Title above.

  • February 2015 - Finish Strong

    Statistics tells us that most of the people who will graduate later this year are people you will never see again.  The opportunities you've taken for granted are about to vanish.  Read How you can Finish Strong, click on the Title Above.

  • The Power of Love - January 2015

    Your school can be a tough, negative place.  Be challenged, how your club can show the power of real love at your school.  Click on the title above to read more.

  • You Can Make A Difference - December 2014

    You and your club can make a difference! Find a need and meet it. The sky is the limit when you unite with others. Click on the Title above to read how.

  • Giving Thanks - November 2014

    Often times we would not be thankful for things that have caused us pain.  God can turn those hurtful experiences into a time of growth and impacting others.  Click on the Title Above to learn more.

  • The Leadership Difference - October 2014

    From Winning Super Bowls to influencing freinds to know Jesus, the major difference is Leadership.  Learn how your club can grow stronger, Click on the Title Above.

  • Never Stop Praying - September 2014

    Whether a single student standing alone, two or three huddled together in unity, or hundreds gathered in front of the school, Never Stop Praying for an awakening on school campuses around the world. Learn How, Click on the Title Above to read more.

  • Why Does Your Club Exist? The Human Right - To Know Jesus - August 2014

    Every human has the right to hear about Jesus and decide for themselves. That is THE Human Right. That is Why your club is on your school! Read more, Click on the Title above.

  • Freedom Never Comes Free - July 2014

    Honor the sacrifices of others for our freedoms by using your students rights, your freedoms, on your school.  Learn more about the rights you have.  Click on the Title Above to read more.

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